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If you’ve got left-handed children in your class….you will find all the resources you need right here to help you teach them how to write in a fast, flowing and comfortable LEFT-handed style of writing.

WOWO Workbook Teaching Resource.

(Above: The Original format 
which was spiral bound at the top.)

“Write-on Wipe-off” Workbook for teaching Handwriting Skills to LEFT-HANDED Children”

(By the way, if you refer to this Workbook as the WOWO book for short, we’ll know exactly what you mean!  The full title is rather a mouthful!)

If this is the first time you are hearing about this great teaching resource for left-handed children, please go to our Handwriting Workbook page for full details and then come back and read the notes below.

If you have already used this resource with your class, please keep reading!!

Your feedback has helped create a resource that is EVEN better than it was before!

Did you know....you can get a set of the 6 Worksheets separately?

It's true!  If you have already purchased the Step-by-Step part of this learning programme you can simply get another set or sets of the 6 Worksheets separately!  Read on.......or jump to Code: WO2L.

Background Info...

Grateful thanks to all the teachers that provided feedback about this resource.  It confirmed my own experience; that it is far more practical both in the classroom (and at home), when the 6 Worksheets are a separate loose set (not spiral bound at the top into a book as they were in the original format.)  This way, you, the teacher, can simply give the left-handed child the Worksheet you want them to practice - without having to give them the entire book!!  A much better idea!

Because this is so much better, we discontinued the original format so that now the ‘new improved’ format is available as follows:
  • The Step-by-Step Learning Programme is separate from the Worksheets.  These pages are bound together on the left hand side like a book. 
  • The 6 Worksheets are laminated separately (not back to back as they were in the original format) and they are loose. 
  • Each “Set” of 6 Worksheets comes in a plastic A4 zip lock bag.  Easy to get them out and easy to keep them all together!  
  • And each set of Worksheets comes complete with 1 x Overhead Projector Pen and 1 x handy wipe cloth.   

The new format WOWO Workbook.

The loos WOWO Worksheets.

Above: The NEW format.

  • Just right of this: 1 ‘set’ of the 6 loose Worksheets in a zip lock bag (Code WO2L @$17.00 per set).  This set also includes:
      • 1 x Quality "Show-Me" Slim Drywipe pen
      • 1 x handy wipe cloth.
  • Far right: The 6 loose Worksheets (Code WO2L) out of the zip lock bag.

Now here is some good news………

A school, kindergarten, play centre or parent would need to purchase one copy of the theory part of the Workbook - that is the first part containing the Step-by-Step Learning Programme, the special tips and guidelines for teaching left-handed children the skill of Handwriting. 

Then any amount of the loose Worksheet sets can be purchased, now and ongoing.  And we’ll include a quality "Show-Me" Slim Drywipe pen for writing on the worksheets and a handy wipe cloth to wipe the work sheets clean with every set of Worksheets ordered! Slim Drywipe pen and cloth.

So if, for example, you have 2 young left-handers in your class this year (and your school did not purchase the original format of this teaching resource last year or the year before) ……..your order could be as follows:

1 x The Step-by-Step Learning Programme
(Bound at the side like a book)  (Code: WO1L @ $15.00)
2 x “Sets” of the 6 loose Worksheets
(Code: WO2L @ $17.00 per set)

TOTAL (inclusive of GST, exclusive of P&P)    $49.00

Not only is this format more practical in the classroom situation -  but there is also a saving ….!!  

Compare the total of $49.00 above with the cost of 2 WOWO Workbooks ($32.00 x 2 = $64.00) 

The benefits....

  • An overall saving of $15.00 on the example above and the amount saved increases as you order more sets!  (e.g. the amount saved if you were to order 5 sets would be $60.00 !)
  • Ongoing, you can get more Worksheet sets as you need them (without having to get the step-by-step book as well).  Even though we’ve made the loose worksheets pretty hardy, there will, no doubt, come a time with lots of use when they are simply worn out and you need to replace them. 

  • The drywipe pen and handy wipe cloth won’t last forever so we’ll include a new one in each Worksheet set.
  • The biggest bonus of all is having the worksheets loose!  This is more practical, easier to monitor and altogether a better idea in the classroom situation!

Code: WO1L

The Step-By-Step Learning Programme
The Step-by-Step Learning Programme on its own and bound on the left hand side like a book.

(You MUST order one copy of this programme - or you must have purchased a copy previously before you can order a set of 6 Loose WOWO Worksheets or additional Worksheet Sets.)
Code: WO1L $15.00 Available as an e-book only

Code: WO2L

Set of 6 Loose WOWO Worksheets
  • Each set comes in a plastic A4 Zip lock bag.
  • There are SIX different laminated Worksheets.
  • Each set also includes:
    • 1 x "Show-Me" Slim Drywipe pen and
    • 1 x handy wipe cloth
    • 1 x Ladybird fridge magnet.

Drywipe pen and handy wipe cloth.

Code: WO2L $17.00 Not available at present - sorry

  • NZ Registered Schools can email us and provide us with a Purchase Order and we will send your order to you together with our invoice, ahead of payment. 

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Feedback received from a SPELD teacher….


“This resource

is awesome!

As a right 

hander I was 

pretty ignorant 

of the challenges

faced by left



The instructions

and tips included

in the front

of your book

are truly


(SPELD teacher)

* * * * * * * *

A note to schools, kindergartens and play centres that purchased the ORIGINAL format of this resource...
You do not need
to purchase the Step-by-Step Programme again
unless you would
like another copy
to give to a new teacher. 

An informative
article about handwriting! 

“Help with handwriting”

written by
Nikki Soames

FREE Downlaod

This was
in a 2008
issue of the
NZ SPELD Record.

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