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The NZ Lefty Club

The “NZ Lefty Club” has been in existence since April 2006.  It was created to bring left-handed people in New Zealand closer together - to give them a common forum where issues can be discussed and knowledge shared.

A newsletter is emailed to Lefty Club members every so often - about 4 times a year - time permitting!!  We try to include a piece about famous left-handers, preferably left-handers that were born in New Zealand or who have been in the news lately.  If you’d like to read our newsletter archives - that is, all the newsletters that were sent to NZ Lefty Club members during 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 click here………

But before you zip away from this page and go somewhere else on our website, why not join the NZ Lefty Club yourself? 

It’s FREE to join and you will receive our email newsletter with lefty news and early notice of special offers and promotions to members.  As I said, it only goes out about four times a year so your in-box will definitely NOT be bombarded by us!  Your email details are kept safely and securely by us and will never be given to a third party.

You do not necessarily need to live in New Zealand to join, nor do you need to be left-handed, but someone close to your heart should be left-handed - for example, your husband, or your Mum or one of your children or at least one Grandchild should be lefty.

If you’d like to join us, please "Copy and Paste" the 4 questions below and email them together with your answers to:

Our email address.
Question 1:
What is your name?

Question 2:

Do you write with your left hand?

Question 3:
Do you have a left-handed child or left-handed children?

Question 4:
Please tell us where abouts in this great big world you live.  Perhaps you could tell us your town/city followed by the name of your country.

That’s all there is to it except to say...

“Welcome Aboard!!”

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Our email address is: mail at lefthandnz dot com

Feedback from a Mum....

“Thank you so much for your email.  My first born son, R...., is now quickly heading towards three years and is proving to be a lefty.  I have no previous experience with lefties so any info is very handy!  

I was so grateful to find your website and all the bits and pieces you provide for left-handed children.  I will definitely be in contact in the future, especially when R.... starts going to school.  

I love that you have made him feel like part of a very special club....
thank you!”