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The E-book version of our WOWO Workbook is a great hit with our website visitors.  Wonderful to be able to get all this useful information and the electronic worksheets without paying any postage costs!!  Yay!

E-Book Format of WOWO Workbook.

E-Book Format of "Write-on Wipe-off Workbook for teaching the skill of Handwriting to LEFT-HANDED Children." 
If you would like to have your own pdf copy of this wonderful teaching resource in e-book format, just tap the "Add to Cart" button below and you'll be taken to PayMate's https website where you can make your payment by credit card securely, without having to worry about fraud.

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Working closely with your left-handed child
for just
10 minutes a day
following the steps in the above programme
will help your child develop a comfortable,
left-handed style of writing.

Pencil Exercises for Beginners. 

"Pencil Exercises for Beginners"
This in-house publication was created specifically to compliment the terrific ergonomic pencils but they can be used with any other kind of pencil as well. 
The target audience is:
Children from 3 to 5 yrs old.
There are 20 jam-packed pages full of exercises to help very young children develop pencil control, pencil accuracy and the development of the fine motor skills needed for handwriting. 
There is also a page of special instructions for parents of left-handed children.  But apart from this one page, the pencil exercises are also suitable for right-handed children within this age group. 

It is available as a pdf file download (3.28MB). 

Please note: The price for the Pencilpdf file download is listed in the shopping cart as $4.10 NZD.  You will need to select the first shipping option on the list - that is ship to "Anywhere in NZ" even if you are not in New Zealand!  This will add $5.90 NZD bringing the total amount you will be billed to $10.00 NZD.

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Feedback about the WOWO E-book ...

“The information on pages 4-8 of the book has already been invaluable to me.  My daughter had already begun to develop a hook style in her coloring and drawing.  This was resolved simply by adjusting the paper position as you instructed.   I truly appreciate your clear writing style and the quality of instruction you have provided.”
(from a  customer in the USA who purchased our WOWO e-book recently.)