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Tapes and Rulers

Many lefties find tape measures and rulers irritating!  It always seems as if the numbers are upside down!  Or the wrong way around!  
Many of us older lefties have simply had to adapt and find a reasonably comfortable way to use the right handed tape measures and rulers that are so easily available everywhere.

If you do a lot of dressmaking and/or handcrafts, or you use a ruler very frequently, then why not get yourself the left-handed version? 


I was too!  My initial reaction was “Yeah, yeah, yeah!” but I was surprised to find that having the zero on the right hand side of the ruler (instead of on the left as it usually is) really does make all those measuring jobs much easier because your left hand is not covering up the measurements!

We are sorry to disappoint you but we do not have any tapes or rulers in stock at present. 

If you are looking for a little pressie for your lefty Dad or for your lefty husband......
As long as he has a keen sense of humour, we have the perfect novelty gift for him - a left-handed screwdriver!  Yes of course there are also left-handed hammers and lefty nails as well but we don't stock them because they are already so easily available......!! 

Left-Handed Screwdriver.

Left-Handed Screwdriver - Novelty gift 
An awesome gift idea for a fun loving lefty DIY Dad/or husband with a sense of humour! Screwdrivers are of course ambidextrous but the wording on this one is special; it says........:

"No more excuses for not doing that job....
Here is your very own left-handed screwdriver!!

 A useful, tongue in cheek pressie for the lefty Dad or the lefty hubby who continually puts off fixing things around the house!

We can't supply you with one at present but you could easily make you own one - just grab the idea and make your own tag!  :)

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