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You might already know that your left-handed child is struggling to cope in a right-handed world. . .

For us lefties, even a relatively simple task like cutting out a circle can be extremely difficult if we are given right-handed scissors to cut with!  (find out why….)

The funny thing is that when right-handers see us struggling they don’t understand the problem and have no idea what the fuss is all about!!  (read the full article….)

There is no doubt that the easiest and most efficient solution by far, is to simply use the left-handed version of the item if it has been invented!  And...hooray!!  Genuine left-handed scissors have been available for quite a few years now!  If you’d like to find out more about the ‘scissors issue’……..click here.

On this page we introduce items and resources that have been developed specifically for left-handed children. Please have a good look at what is available and commit yourself to getting your little left-hander the correct left-handed equipment as early as possible. 

This is my vision of the best and most appropriate products currently available to suit each ‘stage’ of a left-handed child’s life:

We used to stock all of the following items but are only supplying our e-books for the forseeable future.  We have left this page and other pages on our website because they contain useful info for parents and teachers of left-handers.  All of these items are available somewhere in the world if you Google for them.  A good place to start looking is Anything Left-Handed in the UK.

Very Early Years : About 3 yrs - about 5 yrs old

Little Lefty Set.


'Starter pack' of stationery items
The "Little Lefty Set" is ideal for children who have started to show signs of being left-handed (from approximately 3 years old). 
Our “Little Lefty Set” contains all the essential items for the age range of: 3 to 8 years old.

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The most perfect scenario would be if you are reading this when your child is at the scribbling stage, just showing the earliest signs of wanting to write!  If you have noticed that your child seems to hold the pencil or crayon in their left hand pretty much most of the time, then please read about our “Write-on Wipe-off Workbook for teaching left-handed children how to write.

"Write-on Wipe-off" Handwriting Workbook for Teaching LEFT-Handed Children How to Write. 
Back cover of WOWO Workbook.

"Write-on Wipe-off Workbook for teaching Handwriting Skills to LEFT-HANDED Children." 
This resource is the best one to start with when a young child shows signs of being left-handed as it ensures that the left-hander learns best practices and habits right from the very beginning.  It is ideally suited for left-handed children from age 4 and upwards.  
This step-by-step learning programme will take you and your child on a lovely journey from the scribbling stage to writing beautifully and comfortably in a good, fast and flowing left-handed style.  
Don’t despair if your left-handed child has already started writing and is having difficulties, as this very same Workbook includes notes and guidelines about what to do if you child is older. 
For FULL and detailed information about this wonderful resource and to read feedback about it from parents and teachers, please visit this page.
Code: WOWO
Available as an e-book only

The “Little Lefty Set” and the “Write-on Wipe-off” Workbook compliment each other - together they will give you and your young left-handed child everything you need.  Please seriously consider getting both of them for your child.

Ergonomic Pencil Grip.

Ergonomically moulded pencil grip
An ergonomically moulded pencil grip should always be placed on pencils, pens, felt tips and brushes to gently encourage your child to develop the ‘tripod’ grip for holding the writing implement. 

One of these is included in the “Little Lefty Set.”
Additional pencil grips can be purchased separately.  
Code: LNZ31
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We also recommend the new 'Smove Easy Ergonomic pencils for very young lefty children who are just starting out and learning to write....

Smove Easy Ergonomic Pencils. 

'Smove Easy Ergonomic Pencils 
These ergonomic pencils are specifically designed for children’s hands with indentations in the correct places to encourage the correct tripod grip from the very start no matter how the pencil is rotated.  The small size, low weight and thick pencil lead make them particularly suitable for young children learning to write - they make learning to write effortless, child friendly and fun.  And best of all - kid’s simply LOVE them!! 
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The following publication was designed specifically to compliment the new ergonomic pencils.

Pencil Exercises for Beginners. 

"Pencil Exercises for Beginners"
The target audience: Children from 3 to 5 yrs old. This publication consists of 20 jam-packed pages full of exercises to help very young children develop pencil control, pencil accuracy and the development of the fine motor skills needed for handwriting. 
There is also a page of special instructions for parents of left-handed children.  

It is available as a pdf file download (3.28MB) (Code: Pencilpdf below) or as a hard copy - that is printed out in colour, and bound with a laminated front cover. (Code: PencilHC)  

Please note: The price for the Pencilpdf file download is listed in the shopping cart as $4.10 NZD.  You need to select  the first shipping option on the list - that is ship to "Anywhere in NZ."  This will add $5.90 NZD bringing the total amount you will be billed to $10.00 NZD.

Code: Pencilpdf (3.28MB) $10.00
Code: PencilHC
Available as an e-book only

A nice soft pencil for this stage is the triangular shaped triplus fat pencil.  Fat wax crayons and the triangular triplus crayons are also recommended.

 Triplus fat pencil.

Triplus Fat Pencil 
This is the fatter pencil at the bottom of the picture. The pencil at the top of the photo is a regular sized pencil to show the difference in size more clearly.  This fatter than usual pencil is easy for chubby little fingers to hold securely and the lead is soft enough for even their lightest scribbles to turn into works of art! 
Code: LNZ51

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Other useful resources for this stage are.....

Shoe Laces Activity Card. 

Tie Me Shoelaces Activity Card
A new resource to help you teach your left-handed child how to tie their own shoe laces.  Having differently coloured laces helps the child easily see which lace is which! 

The full colour photographic lefty instructions on the back are very easy to follow.
In stock now!
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FIVE years old...

Five years old and off to school for the first time ever!

What an exciting time this is - for your child and you!!!  

Our “Little Lefty Set” contains all the essential stationery items needed by your child as they head off to school for the first time ever!  Hopefully they will have been using it already for quite some time before this momentous event - but if not, please get one for your little lefty straight away!

Little Lefty Set.


Little Lefty Set
This stationery set contains all the essential items needed by lefty children heading off to school for the first time.  
Many Mums decide to get two “Little Lefty Sets” at this time, usually in different colours, one to use at home and one to take to school.  All our pencil cases have a clear plastic slot in which there is a label saying: 'This Belongs To:' and a space below where you can write your child's name on the label. This helps to ensure it doesn’t get lost at school or misused by anyone else!
Code: LLS15 All gone - sorry!

"Write-on Wipe-off" Handwriting Workbook for Teaching LEFT-Handed Children How to Write. 

"Write-on Wipe-off Workbook for teaching Handwriting Skills to LEFT-HANDED Children." 
This resource is perfect for this stage for teaching and practicing handwriting.

It is helpful for left-handed children all the way to about 8 years old.

For FULL and detailed information about this wonderful resource and to read feedback about it from parents and teachers, please visit this page.
Code: WOWO Only available as an e-book

As your little lefty gets older...

A larger pair of left-handed scissors will be needed. 

The chronological age for this change varies considerably - it depends a lot on whether your left-handed child is big boned or petite!  But it is usually around about the age of 7 to 8 years old.  This would be the best time to get a “Lefty Set” for older lefties as it includes a pair of larger left-handed scissors and a smudge proof pen with fast drying ink!

Lefty Set for Older Lefties. 

Lefty Set for older lefties 
The second Stationery set in our range and this one is the best choice for lefties who are 7 to 8 years old and older.
It consists of: a larger pair of lefty scissors, a 17cm left-handed ruler, a left-handed precision made 2-hole container pencil sharpener, a Uni Jetstream Sport Smudgeproof pen, an ambidextrous pencil and eraser.  All contained in a strong, durable charcoal coloured pencil case.  
Code: LS16 All gone - many apologies!

These handwriting books and resources are for the older left-handed child.  

Book: Left-Hand Writing Skills: Book 2 

"Left-Hand Writing Skills" Bk 2: Funky Formation and Flow
This is the second in the series of three books written by Mark and Heather Stewart with worksheets for the young left-hander and brief guidelines for parents and teachers.  Book 2 focuses on cursive writing and joining letters.  
This book is great for children who have already mastered the formation of letters and are now working on joining their letters when writing.  It is ideally suited for lefty children from about 8 to 9 years old and upwards.
Code: IMP47

Book: Left-Hand Writing Skills: Book 3 

"Left-Hand Writing Skills" Bk 3: Successful Smudge-free Writing
This is the last in the series of three books written by Mark and Heather Stewart with worksheets for the young left-hander and brief guidelines for parents and teachers.  Book 3 is a delightful and inspiring book for a left-handed child that already enjoys writing and for an older child you are trying to encourage to do more handwriting practice!
All the exercises in this workbook have as their theme the history of handwriting.  It is an informative workbook your lefty child will enjoy!
Ideally suited for older lefty children from about 9 to 10 years old and upwards.
Code: IMP48

If you would like to encourage your older left-handed child to help you in the kitchen, around the house and with DIY projects and so on, it would be a good idea at this time to get your child a left-handed potato peeler, left-handed tape measures and lefty can openers. 

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Developing School Readiness and
Fine Motor Skills
Trained Occupational Therapist and home schooling Mum, Tracey, has developed a great website full of fun exercises you can do with your child to develop fine motor
skills.  These will help your young child learn handwriting more  easily.  The exercises in this awesome website are easy to do and most of them use inexpensive materials you've probably already got
in your home.
Check it out!

Feedback received from a SPELD teacher about our Write-on Wipe-off Workbook….

“This resource
is awesome!
As a right 
hander I was 
pretty ignorant 
of the challenges
faced by left

The instructions
and tips included
in the front
of your book
are truly

(SPELD teacher)

Feedback from a happy Mum....
”Caitlin is very excited and is using the "write on wipe off book" every night. I can see it is going to help enormously….”