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Why is it that left-handed children find things more difficult ???

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For us lefties, even a relatively simple task like cutting out a circle can be extremely difficult if we are given right-handed scissors to cut with! ……...

This is because with these scissors we can’t see the line we are trying to cut along and the paper tends to bend over the blades instead of cutting the paper!  For many left-handers this is the biggest area of difficulty and it can lead to immense frustration!

The funny thing is that when right-handers see us struggling they don’t understand the problem and have no idea what the fuss is all about!!  

“But it’s so easy!” they say or even worse, “What’s wrong with you?”  They snatch the scissors away from us impatiently and cut along the line perfectly to demonstrate just how fast and easy it is!!  And so it is that the left-hander comes out of the situation feeling like a clumsy idiot that cannot even do the simplest thing!      

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Well, of course it is easy for the right-hander because those scissors work for them!!  

All too often neither the left-hander nor the right-hander have consciously noticed the subtle switch of hands that took place!  

I’ve witnessed many occasions in my teaching career where this unintentional ‘magic trick’ has resulted not only in tears, but also in a loss of self esteem and the gradual decline of self confidence in a young left-handed child. 

Left-handers all over the world have figured out a variety of creative ways to overcome the “scissor problem”, and other similar problems - revolving around how to use their left hand and still get good (or passable) results from right-handed equipment!  Indeed, it is highly likely that this is the most significant factor behind our worldwide reputation for being exceptionally creative!      

But there is no doubt that the easiest and most efficient solution by far, is to simply use the left-handed version of the item if it has been invented!  


Cutting out a circle with lefty scissors.

Genuine left-handed scissors have been available for quite a few years now!  If you’d like more info about the ‘scissors issue’……..click here.

The nuisance we lefties simply have to accept is that righty scissors tend to be the ones that are always closest to hand, readily available in shops and cheap!  This will continue to be the case until there are so many of us that collectively we can justify much bigger and more economically viable manufacturing runs!  

The good news is that, (as well as scissors), creative lefties have developed all sorts of left-handed items in recent years, all with the subtle reversals necessary in the design and these really do make a left-hander’s life a lot easier!  When some of us ‘older lefties’ were young most of these lefty things had not even been invented yet!! 

Your child will definitely benefit now that all the great lefty inventions you’ll find on our website have come into existence!!

On the “For Children” page we introduce all the items and resources that have been developed specifically for left-handed children.  Please have a good look at what is available and commit yourself to getting your little left-hander the correct left-handed equipment as early as possible.  Doing this earlier rather than later, will save your child from any loss of self esteem through feeling awkward and clumsy.  This is definitely the way you can help your child avoid a lot of unnecessary tears of frustration! 

These items will help you get your little lefty off to the

very best start at school and will be of benefit

to them for the rest of their life!

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