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The Lefthand NZ Team The founders of LeftHand NZ,
Roy and Nikki

Nikki's story.....

As a left-hander I found it almost impossible to find GENUINE left-handed scissors in the shops here in New Zealand.  I hunted high and low and finally found a pair of dressmaking scissors.  The shopkeeper, (a right hander by the way!) assured me the scissors were left-handed.  I bought them but when I got home and tried them out they just didn’t seem to work as well as I hoped they would!

In those days I couldn’t have told you the difference between genuine left-handed scissors and right-handed scissors - I only knew that those scissors didn’t cut for me very well.

Our initial market research showed that NZ has many other long suffering lefties just like me!  Many of us simply struggle along finding creative ways to cope and adapt - and many times this is because we just don’t know about all the wonderful products that are made especially for left handers!  Products that make heaps of tasks so much easier!

As a teacher…

I am dismayed to see so many left handed children writing with their hand uncomfortably curled over above the writing line in what is known as the ‘hook’ writing style.  Also to find that few teachers know exactly how to teach young left-handed children how to write comfortably. 

Our “Write-on Wipe-off Workbook” is a step-by-step learning programme which was specifically created by an NZ registered teacher (me!), to address this need.  It provides parents and teachers with a good teaching resource, full of information and useful tips.  (This is currently only available as an e-book.)  

It is deeply satisfying to me to be able to help so many caring parents and teachers through this Workbook and through these good folk, to be able to get so many more young left-handed children off to a much better start at school and in life by teaching them how to write comfortably and well as left-handers.  (More…..)

LeftHand NZ was created early in 2006 as a mail order company to help fellow left handers find excellent lefty products much more easily.  We have lately been focusing on the creation and maintenance of a 24/7 TV station called Firstlight and have been so stretched for time that we have had to considerably reduce our input into this venture.   We apologise that at present we are unable to offer the full range of lefty products we stocked previously.  

However, we can still offer lots of support in the form of information for the parents and teachers of young LEFT-HANDED children.  

If you would like to purchase our e-books.........

For NZ residents we accept payment for our e-books by credit card, internet banking, or by simply making a deposit into our bank account at any branch of Kiwibank.  If you are an international visitor to our website, payment can be made using either your credit card or funds from your PayPal account.

Feedback from customers………

“Thanks for the order and your friendly service.  I look forward to playing with my new lefty toys.” (This customer purchased a rotary can opener, potato peeler and tomato slicer)

“Since my daughter Emma has had her new left handed scissors she has come on leaps and bounds with her cutting out. It’s good to see her enjoying it now rather than watching her trying to cut things out with her right hand. She just looked so awkward before!”

“Thanks for the set. (Little Lefty Set)  We love it and I will definitely recommend you to anyone I come across with a left handed child!”

“Many thanks for the parcel.  It arrived here safely.  The utensils look top notch and the lollies are a nice touch.” (This customer purchased a rotary can opener and potato peeler.)

“My little leftie was so pleased to get her package in the mail!  (Little Lefty Set and WOWO Handwriting Workbook) She has been writing lots and is developing confidence in her ability now that she knows it’s pretty special to be left-handed.

Thank you for the wonderful, quick and friendly service.  I’ll be recommending you to all the other parents of leftie kids that we know.”

“Thank you so much for my order – it arrived safe and sound and we are very pleased with our purchase.” (WOWO Handwriting Workbook and economy children’s scissors)

“Thank you so much for the update of the progress of my order and thank you for going to the trouble of finding another supplier to fill the order.  I am very grateful that I came across your company, and couldn't have made a wiser choice.  Once again, THANK YOU!” (This customer ordered a lefty corkscrew.  We were out of stock and unable to get one from our usual supplier!  We emailed him to let him know why there was a delay.  We then located an alternative supplier to fill his order.) 

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Our email address is: mail at lefthandnz dot com

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If you live in New Zealand you can make your payment:
  • Using your MasterCard or Visa credit card through Paymate's secure https website.
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  • By internet banking.
  • Or by going into any Kiwibank and making a deposit into our bank account.
If you do not live in New Zealand you can make your payment:
  • Using your credit card on PayMate's secure website. Paymate accepts VISA and Mastercard.
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  • If you have funds in a PayPal account you may use these funds to make your payment.  If you choose this method, please email us so that we can send you a PayPal invoice.
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